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Product Image BoggTM Bag

BoggTM Bag


A family favorite,  these TOTE-ally awesome boggTM bags are the only bags you will ever need - whether you’re at the beach, gym, pool, school, work, sporting events, camping, boating, carrying groceries, diapers, gardening supplies, toys, books, computers, laundry and more! Dress them up or down, with so many new options you'll look great carrying them wherever you go! 

Makes a great gift.

  • Tip-proof
  • Sturdy sides
  • Non-slip treaded bottom
  • Soft shoulder straps
  • Durable antimicrobial EVA foam construction
  • Washable - hose it off and hang it up
  • Quick dry
  • Includes 1 clear accessory bag
  • Dimensions:  15”W x 13”H x 5.25"D (approx.)
  • Great color options